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Liam. 17. Scotland.
Art, Nature, Movies and Metal.
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Saor | Aura (2014)

Hafið rís á ný

Skýin færast nær

Ég horfi fram

Sé ekkert nema þig

Fljótið djúpa

Sem í dalnum dunar

Ótal eru fjallbunur fagurradda

Faldar í flaumi þínum

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A lovely rainy day in the English Lake District

Photo by Tony Richards

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our heroes

Hellboy: Seed od Destruction


高克明 - 溪山雪意图卷

by Gao Keming (Song Dynasty)

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I really want there to be a Hellboy/Watchmen/League of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossover 

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I’m worried about you”

"Don’t worry. No one ever died of insomnia"

The Machinist (2004)
Brad Anderson

Every empire will fall

Every monument crumble

Forgotten men who watch the centuries

Whose silent words

Rise up in betrayal

We will rise up in betrayal

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So two cool things about my college; they have a chainsaw from the 50s and there’s a lovely pond in the middle of the woods

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Virgilio Tojetti:  Bath Time


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Flooded ruins at Angkor

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Every person that reblogs this is going to get a short poem based on their url.


  • mbf me 
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  • Your ask box must be open
  • k thats it ily all
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Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French, 1865-1953), “The gust of wind” (“La bourrasque”) (by sofi01)


Glencoe by Em0312 on Flickr.